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A Few Good Habits with Julie Lowe

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What if instilling just a few good habits into your daily life could significantly improve your life, career, and overall well-being? That is precisely what Coach Julie Lowe and I discuss in this conversation on Sincerely Speaking. Discover the key habits to focus on. Understand why will power and motivation are not enough and what to do instead. Listen as Coach Julie reveals the often ignored connection between habits and disempowering emotions like fear and anxiety. In short, this conversation answers the question: "How can focusing on a few good habits change the way I live, work, and relate with others?" Julie Lowe is an Author, Speaker, and Certified High Performance Coach. Using neuroscience-backed practices, she teaches ambitious professionals how to prioritize their mindset, health, and relationships without sacrificing the quality of their work. Julie is a sought-after consultant who has built a 7-figure brand over the past decade. Through her coaching and consulting company, Socially Aligned, she has helped thousands of individuals scale their online businesses. Julie's expertise has been featured on Good Morning Washington, the nationally syndicated TV show The List, Huffington Post, Authority Magazine, and Yahoo! Life, to name just a few, and her first book, A Few Good Habits, debuts in October 2023

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