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What you've been taught about STRESS is wrong!

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Julie Lowe is a certified Life & Success Coach and the founder of Socially Aligned. She helps ambitious professionals reduce stress before they burn out or burn it all down. After a life-long battle with anxiety came to a head in 2020, Julie created the ALIGNED coaching method to address the burnout and chronic stress that's so prevalent amongst high-achievers. Julie built a 7-figure business helping thousands grow their businesses and has dedicated her life to helping others unleash their full potential. In her programs, Julie reveals the science-backed practices that changed her life and helps women have breakthroughs in their brains, bodies, and bank accounts. Julie has been interviewed on the national TV show, The List, published on Huffington Post, Highly Sensitive Refuge, and Business Rocks Magazine and featured on Authority Magazine, Female Entrepreneur Association, and podcasts such as Deep Rooted Bliss, The Better You Network Radio Show, Talk to Me with Brenda Warren, She Ventures, and was a speaker at MogulCon and for JSA Global. Join Julie and I in this open conversation about stress and anxiety and how to manage them effectively! Hint: It's NOT what you think!

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